Starting a Business with a Mansfield Business Formation Attorney

Mansfield Business Formation AttorneyThere are many considerations for starting a business. You will want to know what type of business form to choose such as a partnership or corporation. In addition, you will want to draft Articles of Incorporation and Rules of Governance. A Mansfield business formation attorney can help you with all the steps to create a business and ensure that you meet all the legal requirements for starting a business.

Choosing a Business Form with a Mansfield Business Formation Attorney

One of the first steps you will want to take with your Mansfield business formation attorney is choosing the type of business that best suits your plans and needs. There are many different choices available, including:

  • Sole Proprietorship. The most basic form for your business is a sole proprietorship.
  • Partnership. If there are two or more principles for your business, you will want to consider a partnership. This type of business is similar to a sole proprietorship in that you may be personally liable for the company’s losses.
  • Limited Liability Company. To protect your personal assets, a limited liability company may be an attractive option.
  • Corporation. A corporation can be a complicated and expensive enterprise to set up. However, it offers many benefits for large organizations that face significant liability.

A Mansfield business formation lawyer can explain to you the benefits and drawbacks of any of these business forms for your situation.

Structuring Your Business with a Mansfield Business Formation Attorney

After you have chosen your business form, you will need to take steps to actually get your business up and running. Some areas where a Mansfield business formation lawyer can assist you include:

  • Tax planning
  • Entering business contracts
  • Procuring property and signing leases
  • Drafting articles of incorporation and rules of governance
  • Creating partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Determining liability for the company and purchasing insurance

The list of steps you need to take to get your business going will depend upon the specific circumstances of your case. To learn more, you will want to contact a Mansfield business formation lawyer.

Contact a Mansfield Business Formation Attorney

For help starting your business, contact a Mansfield business formation attorney at Gallini Law, PLLC by calling 817-303-2820. The proper form of your business is the first step to a successful enterprise.