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Mansfield Business Law AttorneyRunning a business is extremely difficult. That is why many new small businesses fail. As you run your business, you should focus on your products and your customers and not have to worry about legal matters. By working with an experienced Mansfield business law attorney, you can focus on what is most important to you, while leaving the legal matters for your lawyer.

How a Mansfield Business Law Lawyer Can Help

There are many ways that a Mansfield business law attorney can help your business. Some common ways include:

  • Intellectual Property. This can include trademarks, coming up with a business name, and protecting your copyrights and patents.
  • Licenses. Depending upon your type of business, you may need to obtain licenses and register with various government agencies. An attorney can review all the necessary steps and ensure that your business is in compliance.
  • Personal Injury. You may be sued by customers and members of the public for personal injury. Whether the incident is a slip and fall or product liability claim, you will want counsel on your side.
  • Contracts. Make sure an attorney reviews the fine print before you sign or draft a contract.

Choosing a Business Structure with a Mansfield Business Law Lawyer

A key decision that you will need to make for your business is choosing a business structure. A Mansfield business law attorney can explain to you that there are several business formation options that you may choose, each offering its benefits and drawbacks. Some common types of formations include:

  • Sole Proprietorships. This basic type of formation may be appropriate for small businesses.
  • Partnerships. When you have more than one person owning a business, you may want to create a partnership with a partnership agreement setting forth the principle’s rights.
  • Limited Liability Company. This type of formation can protect you personally from the liabilities of your business.
  • Corporation. You will want to talk to a Mansfield business law attorney to discuss whether this relatively complex and expensive business formation is right for your organization.

In addition to these four types of business formations, there are other formations that may be more suitable for your business. You can discuss the specific needs and circumstances of your business with a Mansfield business law attorney to learn what formation is best for you.

Contact a Mansfield Business Law Lawyer

For assistance with a business legal matter, contact a Mansfield business law attorney at Gallini Law, PLLC by calling 817-303-2820. Owning and operating a business is difficult enough. You should allow an experienced business attorney to serve your legal needs.