Facing the Loss of Your Home? Contact a Round Rock Foreclosure Attorney Before it is Too Late

Round Rock Foreclosure AttorneyIf you are in default on your current home mortgage, you may be too fearful to know where to turn. Many homeowners, faced with an impending foreclosure, are so paralyzed with worry they actually do nothing, which is the worst possible course of action. As your Round Rock foreclosure attorney will explain further, there are a number of federal and state programs available to help struggling homeowners save their home from foreclosure, as well as several strategic solutions to allow for more time if a foreclosure sale is imminent. If you are about to miss your first payment, or are six months overdue, call a Round Rock foreclosure attorney at Gallini Law today – we can help you work to save your home and protect your credit.

Round Rock Foreclosure Lawyer Describes the General Foreclosure Process in Texas

Your Round Rock foreclosure attorney will explain that foreclosure laws are very different from state to state. The experience of your friend in another state is not necessarily indicative of the process you should expect in Texas, and you are best-protected by working with a Round rock foreclosure attorney throughout the duration of the procedure. To begin, most foreclosures in Texas are non-judicial, meaning the bank does not need approval from a judge to repossess your home after default. Your Round Rock foreclosure attorney will discuss that judicial intervention may be necessary if you are an active-duty service member, a status which provides you additional time and notice requirements before a foreclosure sale may lawfully take place.

The details of your loan agreement will provide specific information as to what constitutes an official “default” of the loan. Some loans are considered in default 15 days after the due date, while others allow borrowers more time. Once you are in default, Texas law requires your lender to serve you with a Notice of Default. From there, you can attempt to redeem the loan, settle the outstanding debt or proceed toward foreclosure sale. Your Round Rock foreclosure lawyer can help you decide what is the best course of action for your case.

Contact a Round Rock Foreclosure Lawyer Right Away

Once you receive your Notice of Default, your lender can begin preparing for the sale of your home, which can take place just weeks later. If you are in default and need help, contact a Round Rock foreclosure attorney immediately by calling 512-238-8883.