Litigation Defense from Creditors with a Round Rock Litigation Lawyer

Round Rock Litigation LawyerIf you are being sued by a credit card company or other creditor to collect debt, you will want to work with a Round Rock litigation lawyer. You should not ignore a creditor lawsuit, as the repercussions can be severe.

A Round Rock litigation lawyer can advise you on your options and fight for your rights. By developing a solid strategy to address your creditors, you may be able to save your home, your vehicle, and even your credit rating.

Reasons to Contact a Round Rock Litigation Lawyer

There are many reasons why you should work with a Round Rock litigation lawyer if you face a creditor lawsuit. Some common reasons include:

  • Ignoring a Lawsuit Leads to Bigger Problems. A Round Rock litigation attorney can tell you that if you ignore a lawsuit, the credit may get a default judgment. This basically means that the creditor wins without you having your day in court. You should be heard and you will want to contact an attorney to discuss your strategy.
  • Creditors Have Lawyers. It can be difficult for a non-lawyer to deal with the aggressive tactics of a creditor’s attorneys. A Round Rock litigation lawyer will not be intimidated by opposing counsel and will help you fight back.
  • You Have More Options Than You Realize. A lawsuit is a time-consuming and costly battle for both sides. As a result, your Round Rock litigation attorney may be able to hammer out a settlement with opposing counsel or help argue a plan for repayment.

Rights of Debtors

Just because you owe money, this does not mean you do not have any rights. One of the basic protections for debtors is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This Act protects individuals from unfair and abusive debt collection practices. For example, this law can protect you from threats and harassing activities.

Contact a Round Rock Litigation Lawyer

To have your creditor lawsuit questions answered by an experienced Round Rock litigation attorney, contact Gallini Law, PLLC. You can reach an advocate ready to represent your rights by calling 817-303-2820.