A Mansfield Probate Attorney Discusses the Estate Administration Process

If you are facing the recent death of a loved one, a Mansfield probate attorney can offer compassionate, thorough representation through the entire estate administration process.

Mansfield Probate AttorneyIn Texas, most estates pass through probate, which is a process designed to judicially transfer assets from a testator to his heirs and beneficiaries. As your Mansfield probate attorney will explain, certain transfers are not subject to the probate process, while others almost always require probate consideration. If you were named as a decedent’s executor or personal representative in his will, you are highly encouraged to speak to a Mansfield probate attorney as soon as possible in order to streamline the process.

A Mansfield Probate Lawyer Explains the General Probate Process in Texas

Your Mansfield probate attorney will begin the probate intake meeting by asking to review the last will and testament of your deceased loved one, along with the death certificate and general information about his assets and liabilities. Your Mansfield probate attorney will also explain that an individual who dies without a will is subject to the laws of probate, which is a statutory framework used to guide the probate court as to whom should receive the decedent’s personal and real property. Property which is not subject to either probate or intestacy is that which is titled to pass upon death, and is subject to contractual agreement or is held in trust.

In Texas, it is possible to avoid the probate process in the event the testator’s will directs the personal representative to perform his duties independent of course supervision. In the event the will contains language to this effect, the executor is free to handle creditors’ claims and settle estate matters without court oversight, unless a conflict arises between heirs. Your Mansfield probate lawyer will further explain that court intervention may also be avoided in the context of intestacy if all heirs agree to independent administration.

Contact a Mansfield Probate Attorney Today for Guidance through the Administration Process

Estate administration can be a complex and highly-emotional area of the law. If you would like to work with an experienced and knowledgeable Mansfield probate lawyer, contact Gallini Law today by calling 512-238-8883.