Mansfield Wills and Testaments Attorney

Mansfield Wills and Testaments AttorneyYou should not ignore estate planning and drafting a will until you reach old age. Instead, a Mansfield wills and testaments attorney can advise you that it is best to create an estate plan early and update it with life’s changes. The base of almost any estate plan is your will. This is true even if you have a living trust, irrevocable trust, or other estate planning instrument.

Wills Explained by a Mansfield Wills and Testaments Attorney

A will is a simple document that basically states your wishes for your property after death. There are some legal formalities that must be met to draft a will, as a Mansfield wills and testaments lawyer can tell you. However, once these formalities are met, your will becomes a legally binding document.

Wills generally allow you to state who you want to inherit your property. In addition, a will allows you to name a guardian for your minor children. As a result, a Mansfield wills and testaments attorney assists many parents in drafting a will primarily to ensure that a trusted person will care for their children should tragedy happen.

Common Provisions a Mansfield Wills and Testaments Attorney Will Include in Your Will

There are some basic provisions that a Mansfield wills and testaments lawyer will want to include in every will. These provisions include:

  • Statement of Capacity. You should include a short statement indicating that you are of sound mind.
  • Choice of Executor. Your executor makes sure that your wishes in the will are carried out.
  • Choice of Guardian. As mentioned above, a guardian will watch over your minor children.
  • Names of Heirs. You will want to name the individuals who will inherit your property after death.
  • Details of Property Given. You should be as specific as possible regarding the property you are devising.

There may be other provisions that are important to you that you will want your Mansfield wills and testaments lawyer to include in the will. To learn about these provisions, you will want to talk directly to your attorney.

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